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Before starting to complete the On-line Application
please make sure that you have fulfilled the following steps:

  • Check that you comply with the mobility conditions for Lot 13 (i.e. nationality, home institution …) and that the type of mobility you are looking for is offered for this Call.
  • Read carefully the offer and requirements from the different European Higher Education Institutions for your desired mobility type.
  • Before filling in your Application Form, please check in "Mobility Scheme / Academic Offer" all the available study possibilities at each host university and, most importantly, the language in which the courses are given.
  • Sandwich Doctorates and Post-doctorates: The applicant is advised to contact the Host Institution Research Group as soon as possible to establish a Work Plan for the mobility period, showing which activities the applicant will conduct at the host university.

INSTRUCTIONS for the On line application (please, read them carefully)

  • In the section “Mobility Type”, in those cases in which the subject or research group is not explicitly defined among the options at one University, please, write it yourself in the box at the Preference.
  • Please remember that only files with extension “.pdf” may be uploaded and saved.
  • All documents uploaded must be translated into English, since the European Universities will need them to valuate the candidate.
  • Those documents, issued by a University (in the case of Degrees and/or transcript of records) or Language Centers (for English language proficiency certificates) will have to be officially validated documents, that is, original documents or certified as true.
  • The transcript of records uploaded will be translated into ECTS credits, European Credit Transfer System.
  • In case the ONLY DOCUMENT missing in the application form is the English test result (since you will be taking it after the online application procedure is closed), you will have to send an email advancing your situation to If you don't do it, your application will not be taken into account.


On line application