The “Education Audiovisual and Culture” Executive Agency has selected the Lamenitec proposal among those submitted in the Erasmus Mundus Action 2, Lot 13, call for proposals EACEA 42/11, 2012.

Project objective:

LAMENITEC, Latin American Engineering and information Technologies Network, aims at implementing a Latin American students Exchange-to-Europe scheme which allows educating ground breaking professionals with a deep knowledge on the local reality and its needs, and the most topical methodologies and initiatives worldwide. To do so, an alliance among 6 European and 9 Latin-American universities has been made up. They will implement such scheme and will offer exchange opportunities at undergraduate, master, doctorate and post-doctorate levels to the people from the countries participating in this project.

In addition, this project aims at reinforcing scientific and academic cooperation between Europe and Latin America in the Engineering, Technology, Mathematics and Informatic areas because they are keystone aspects for the economic and social development of the countries represented in the consortium LAMENITEC (Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Argentina)
LAMENITEC seeks to reach the most isolated regions of Latin America as well as those cities in which a large amount of professionals dwell. For this reason, 70 % of the higher education institutions enrolled in this project are publics. Their coverage in the countries they come from is large, and their acknowledgement, as well as the amount of academic programs they offer, makes them a keystone to attain this project goal.

Finally, LAMENITEC intends to strengthen the bonds among the associate higher education institutions and to generate the opportunity to interchange experiences that facilitate the development of academic and scientific skills as well as the international exchange management.

The mobility activities are being implemented in three cohorts according to the timetable below:

Type of Mobility

Cohort 1 - 2013


Cohort 2 - 2014


Cohort 3 - 2015


Undergraduates 12 16 14 42
12 22 - 35
Doctorates 12 2 6 20
Post-doctorates 0 5 5 10
Staff 5 7 5 17
Total 41 52 31 124

The latest date for starting mobility will be 31 December 2015.


3rd and last call is closed.